Industrial and Terrace Waterproofing in Chennai | Civil Contractors in Chennai

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We are in Waterproofing Services for many years, We have spearheaded in this field with superb reputation with our customers with exceedingly qualified specialists and experienced labor.

We additionally tied up with many Engineers and Architectures and do waterproofing treatment for recently developed and under building Hotels, Apartment's, Water Tank, and Bath rooms.

Our work is secured by support ensure for a time of five years. We have executed occupations this nature both out in the open and private divisions, and is blessed with bottomless experience. We trust you would benefit of our aptitude. Anticipating the joy of got notification from you, and expressing gratitude toward you.

  •  Terrace Waterproofing with Conventional method and/or with latest chemical treatment.
  •  Waterproofing of Basements, Damp walls, External Vertical Walls.
  •  Water Tanks – Underground and Overhead with Expand Joint Pent ran Waterproofing
  •  Bathroom Waterproofing
  •  Waterproofing for Sump Area, Swimming Pool.
  •  Epoxy Chemical Coating Waterproofing
  •  Expand Joint Pent ran Waterproofing
  • PU Grouting & Chemical Grouting Waterproofing
  • Cooling Coating
  • Window perimeters
  • Ceramic Tile Adhesive
  • Anti-Corrosion for Steel Structure
  •  Exterior Plumbing:
    Mastery in execution the most important and delicate services without distubing the day to day usage by the occupants.
  •  Interior Plumbing:
    Mastery in execution of interior plumbing with latest available material in the shortest time frame.
  •  Interior and Exterior Painting: 
    Has the expertise and authorized applicator ship of almost all leading brands in the market and hence quality is rest assured.